PharmaS, a Croatian company for the manufacturing and sale of pharmaceutical products was founded in late 2008. Along with the companies RALU Logistika (logistics), Favarger, LURA ulaganja (investment), and LURA nekretnine (real estate), it is one of the members of LURA Grupa, which is wholly-owned by the successful Croatian entrepreneur Luka Rajić.

The company manufactures and distributes high quality pharmaceutical products, generic prescription medications, and various non-prescription pharmaceutical products. The continuous market supply of pharmaceutical products is provided by two modern pharmaceutical facilities, one in Croatia in Popovaca and one in Serbia in Zrenjanin. PharmaS Group is, besides the Adria region markets, also present on multiple Central and Eastern European markets and Middle and Far East markets.


The quality built into the business processes ensures the safety and satisfaction of our customers and patients, and also recognition of our company


The regular market supply with pharmaceutical products ensured by two modern pharmaceutical factories in Croatia (Popovača) and Serbia (Zrenjanin)

PharmaS regularly participates in important pharmaceutical events – conferences, congresses, fairs, and various educational events. The company also organizes its own events, such as lectures on new products for the professional community, lectures by eminent experts, and tours of the company’s facilities for the professional community


Our vision is to be a recognized and reputable pharmaceutical company in Southeast Europe and a reliable partner for health systems.



Our mission is to improve health standards with reliable quality and competitive products in the Rx and CHC segments.

PharmaS is the first pharmaceutical company in Croatia that has acquired the status of “Pharma HFD – a partner of pharmaceutical excellence of the Croatian Pharmaceutical Society”

Jerko Jakšić, CEO
Gordan Badurina, Board member
Ivan Bujas, Board member

A two-fold task is before us: to guarantee innovativeness and highest product quality. An ever-increasing number of satisfied users represents true acknowledgment of our efforts, yet also a future commitment.

Jerko Jakšić, CEO


Luka Rajić, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Mato Zadro, Vice Chairman of Supervisory Board
Josip Madirazza, Supervisory Board member

Since the establishment of PharmaS, it has been our vision to spread to numerous other countries. Our vision is being realized on a continuous basis. It gives me great pleasure to invest in this unique project and thus contribute to the envisaged development.

Luka Rajić, Chairman of the Supervisory Board

PharmaS Ltd. for drug manufacturing and distribution
Radnička cesta 47,HR-10 000 Zagreb,Croatia, EU

VAT HR27160291533
IBAN: HR7524070001100028755,
OTP banka Hrvatska dioničko društvo, Zadar, Domovinskog rata 3
Capital stock 73.520.000,00 HRK paid in full, the Court of Registration in the commercial register and registration number (MBS): Commercial Court Zagreb, 080674074
Management board: Jerko Jakšić- president of the Board, Gordan Badurina- member of the Board, Ivan Bujas- member of the Board